Under 5 Minutes :: Microdoses

Under 5 Minutes :: Microdoses

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Under 5 Minutes :: Microdoses
  • Drum and Breath :: Soothing

    A breath practice to calm, soothe and relax. Vivian offers a 4 - 7 - 8 breath while Erika Laila accompanies with tones on the hang drum.

    This piece is part of a series created by Vivian Rosenthal and Erika Laila Whitney. Vivian leads the breath while Erika creates a rhythmic soundscape. They ...


  • Sound and Breath :: Energy Boost

    This practice was designed to rebalance your sense of vitality, energy and self-worth.

    Jayne and Marc target your power center with the frequencies of the bowls and the movement of the breath. You can think of this practice like an espresso, great in the morning or anytime of the day where you ...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: 5 Minute Stress Relief

    This is a high energy stress relieving reset using Breath of Fire and the drum. use this practice first thing in the morning or as a refresh anytime throughout the day. It's kind of like a double shot of espresso.

    This piece is part of a larger project called the Rhythm of Happiness. A project...